Our vision: A world without learning barriers!

Our goal 

is to overcome learning barriers and bring cultures and markets closer together.

In order to achieve that goal, we are using self-consciousness-intelligence  to creat know how  that make communication about knowledge easier, better and faster.

Self-consciousness-intelligence was founded in Vienna under the name wela; responded to over million requests.

Welcome to the world of change management.  Conjure opportunities:

  • Transform obstacles into stepping stones
  • Ride the roller coaster of change
  • Conjure persuasave spells to the win hearts
  • Juggle priorities with finesse
  • Embrace the magic and achieve the goals admidst the enchanting dance of transformation

Allow us to introduce

We are highly efficient and dedicated team of researchers, developers and learning experts who understand the importance of communication. Because communication makes markets.

Our working environment is characterized by a high level of trust and short decision-making ways.

While working with us, you will discover huge development potential in some of the most promising fields.

And that is what motivates us every day: meaningful work.

We are always looking foreward to welcoming new colleagues.